Piano Forte

This is a an audio drama commissioned by the Suncoast Community Legal Service as a part of their Elder abuse campaign. This production was launched online via their website (http://suncoastcommunitylegal.org/) on the 15th of July, 2016 as a part of  World Elder Abuse Awareness Day activities.

Written by Toni Wills, Directed by Lucas Stibbard, Produced By Toni Wills & Lucas Stibbard, Featuring the performance talents of Kate Foy, Mary Eggleston, Cameron Clark and Lucas Stibbard. Music by Susan Cromb.

CGCOUND - Piano Forte 01The concept of the production for me was to facilitate the recording of the performance artists in a way that would allow the artists to perform freely (if need be) within the recording space by utilising television production audio recording technology, combined with radio play staging methodology. The motivation for this direction in technical approach was inspired by the producers clear vision to creatively communicate a community legal service message in a  creative dramatic medium.

CGCOUND Piano Forte 02